Unborn Child

To my unborn child
As the world stands
From my point of view
I am nervous for you
Because you may walk down street
With no endpoint in mind
And find yourself accosted
Because these are the times
Where people are shooting first
Trigger happy
And ready to leap
At any sweet brown baby
That may be merely crossing the street
And as a young intellectual
I'm Trying to do what I can
Protesting and educating
Trying to make a stand
But to my unborn child
Everyday I steadily pray
For the day I’m ready for you
And exactly how I will say
That no this isn’t back in great grandmas day but yea they may judge your skin
And no I don’t want you to try to fit in
And no baby I can’t answer when this or if this will ever end
But to my unborn child
I promise to never teach you hate
But to arm you with love and faith
And until I am preparing for your arrival
I will continue to pray
That God will guard you
Because baby these are the days…..

Alicia CobbPoetry